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PIRGOS is achieving its goals through :

• Dialogue

• Training

• Support

• Information Sharing

• Promotion of sustainable development


November 24, 201

Strengthening of the role of civil society in promotion of human rights and democratic reforms

Mission of the project is building capacities of underdeveloped organizations of civil society (OCS), as well as informal and neglected marginalized groups in South-East Serbia and enabling their active participation in the life of the community and the decision making processes.

The main activities of the project are:

Establishing contact with underdeveloped organizations of civil society and representatives of marginalized groups.

Making of data base of underdeveloped organizations of civil society that deal with marginalized groups.

Realization of three-day educational seminars

o 1st Seminar: Project cycle management and making of project proposals with logical framework approach

o 2nd Seminar: Strategic planning

o 3rd Seminar: Leadership and human resources management

Initiation of 2 consultation centers in Pirot and Knjaževac

Consultation centers are settled in the premises of partner organizations.

Holding awareness building meetings

Awareness building meetings will have an interactive character and will be directed at various groups such as minorities, people with disabilities, internally displaced persons and refugees, elderly, women, children alongside with institutions and representatives of private, public and profit sector.

Holding of conferences “Situation and perspectives of underdeveloped NGOs and informal marginalized and underrepresented groups in South-East Serbia”

October 26, 2010

Round Table-Code of Ethics

Round table „ Role of the Code of Ethics in cooperation of civil society, local community and local government“was kept on 15th October 2010 in the space of local community Tanasko Rajić in Pirot. With the presence of local government, city and village representatives and alderman of local community representatives, step further was made towards forming of permanent working body for monitoring of Code of Ethics application. Discussion was led by Saša Jovanović- member of working body for monitoring of Code of Ethics applications, Mirko Savić-president of local community Tanasko Rajić and Dragan Mladenović – project coordinator.

Representatives of local communities showed great interest for inclusion in the process of monitoring of Code of Ethics application and expressed opinion that the forming of permanent working body can improve the status of local communities. Pirgos and partner organisations will give more attention to local communities, which can show as good partners and precious support in monitoring of Code of Ethics application.


August 10, 2010

Seminar for media in the frame of the project „Promotion and implementation of the Code towards achieving EU standards"

In the frame of the project „Promotion and implementation of the Code towards achieving EU standards“ seminar was held for journalists from 6 municipalities in Serbia in hotel "StarA", Stara Planina mountains near Pirot, in the period of 30 July 1st August. The aim of the seminar was to promote cooperation between the media and civil society in the field of monitoring the implementation of the Code for representatives of local authorities.

This seminar is designed in three parts. The first is the introduction of the Code and its purposes, the second unit is inter-sectoral partnership, while the third unit is cooperation of the media and CSOs. Trainigs on training were Dragan Dobrasinovic – „Toplicki Center for Democracy and Human Rights“, Dragan Mladenovic – Civic Library „Pirgos“ and Vladimir Paunovic – „NGO Millennium“.

The participants expressed their satisfaction with the organization and indicated that the seminar was very useful for further work and improvement of cooperation between media and CSOs. Media representatives specifically pointed out that civil society must be the initiator of the activities, and that the media are very happy to participate on seminars and similar activities.

The project is supported by the Institute for Sustainable Communities and USAID.

July 26, 2010

Project realisation "Develop Babusnica by plan"

Civic library „ Pirgos“ in cooperation with Municipality Babusnica realised the project“ Develop Babusnica by plan“. The project lasted for six months and during its realisation the Strategy of local economic development has been made [more...]


July 6, 2010
Appliance of the Code in practice- Novi Pazar

Two working meetings were held in Novi Pazar to strengthen the awareness of the importance of appliance and monitoring of the Code of Conduct of local government. The first meeting was held in the multimedia center and brought together representatives of local authorities, media, interested citizens and representatives of the Working body for implementation of the Code from Novi Pazar. The event was welcomed in front of the city administration Novi Pazar by: Borka Jovanovic - President of the Assembly, Zora Mijaljević - Deputy Secretary and Tarik Imamovic - Vice President of the Assembly. In front of the partner organizations spoke: Semiha Kacar - Sandzak Committee for Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms and Dragan Mladenovic - Civic Library „Pirgos“. In front of the Working Body for implementation and monitoring of the Code spoke Bisera Šećeragić - a member of the Working Body. [more...]


Aprile 25, 2010
Media and CSOs in monitoring the Code of Conduct in practice - Partnership for success

Importance in monitoring The Code of Conduct in practice was proven through active engagement of local and regional media from 6 Serbian municipalities. Media conferences, held in each municipality included in the project have gathered more than 20 representatives of local and regional media. Value of The Code of Conduct for CSO and media was also emphasized on three-day training realized in Knjazevac from 22nd to 24th April 2010. Training was organized by Civic Library Pirgos and partner CSOs with support of Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities and McCann Erickson PR. Civic Library Pirgos strongly believe that cooperation of CSOs and media is of vital importance for further implementation of the Code of Conduct in practice. All activities are realized within the framework of “Civil Society Advocacy Initiative (CSAI)”, supported by ISC and USAID. Visit for more information. [more...]

August 09, 2009

Civic Library Pirgos in cooperation with Organization for European Safety and Cooperation - (OEBS/OSCE) – Mission in Serbia, has held a seminar on the topic “THE RULE OF LAW AND CONFRONTATION WITH THE PAST”. The seminar was attended by 30 participants, representatives of various organizations, institutions and political parties from all 4 municipalities of Pirot District. According to all criteria the seminar was successfully realized and has thus achieved its goal. [more...]

July 28, 2009

In connection with realization of the project “Civic Forum”, supported by the World Bank, a press conference was held on 27.07.2009. in the premises of Civic Library PIRGOS which started at 12:00 PM. All local media, RTS office in Pirot – National media service Serbia and reporters of daily newspapers (Blic, Politika and Večernje novosti) were present at the press conference.

Soon after the conference Civic Library Pirgos was visited by Director of World Bank – Serbian Office, Mr. Simon Gray and coordinator of the program for civic society Mrs. Mirjana Popović. [more...]

May 27, 2009

Local authorities supported another citizen’s initiative from Pirot municipality to start solving the problem of rural development on an organized, planned and systematic fashion.

Initial meeting was held for that purpose on 27th May with the representatives of local authorities, municipal management, business sector, associations of citizens, presidents of local community councils and agricultural expert services. The meeting was a promotion of the principle of sustainable rural development and an agreement was reached concerning formation of the work group that will deal with this issue. [more...]